Where can I get a big camera bag?

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QOTD from JC Photography: "Any suggestions on where to get a big(ger) camera bag? I need one big enough for both my camera bodies, speedlight, and maybe 2-3 lenses (plus accessories of course)"

Heather: Kelly Moore Bag has great bags. :)

Rexella:  Kelly Moore Bag is the BEST! :)

Kristine: Check out a Think Tank retrospect 30. It's nothing fancy, but it holds everything :)

Stephanie:  i always hear about Kelly Moore Bag and Jo Totes

Jfs Photoguy:  http://bagfinder.lowepro.com/lp/results

Jfs Photoguy:  let me tell you about leather bags (kelly moore) ONE, they are leather, leather does not breathe..meaning, that when you go from cold to warm (AC to heat) your lenses andcameras take longer to temperature regulate. TWO...most kelly bags dont have sturdy padded dividers....

Shanna-Kaye:  I have a Kelly Moore Bag (the libby) and love it :)

Jfs Photoguy: and depending on if you want to be able to carry your tripod too...kelly more bags are mainly designed to look like purses

Jfs Photoguy: even the mens line are designed to look like a purse....

Jennifer: I like the dividers in my Kelly Moore bag. Mine are quite sturdy.

Miranda:  I love my Kelly Moore bag... It's expensive but very high quality! It's great to carry more than one camera and your other accessories

Kristina:  And the Kelly Moore bags are not leather. They are a leather-type synthetic material. I have one and love it. And I find the dividers to be quite as sturdy as any other bag I have seen.

Tom: I too think the Kelly Moore bags look like purses. I saw the Thinktank bags at WPPI. Those are cool. I need a bigger bag as well, so I might be picking up one soon.

Brian: I used to be a big fan of camera strap messenger type bag... But as I started carrying more and more gear, the one shoulder started killing me...

Sarah:  I have a Crumpler Camera Bag that I love! Heavy duty yet fun colors.

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