What is the best way to format images so clients can only print up to an 8X10?

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QOTD from Melissa: "What is the best way to format images if I'm offering files to clients such that they can only print up to an 8x10? Do you resize the image? Do you save it as a lower resolution? Ack! Thanks in advance!"

Cate: I go into PSD, crop the image to the 8x10 size using its crop feature. Save it as 300DPI in that same step and then save it as a new filename. Then I keep the higher resolution one on my computer and put the 300dpi8x10 version on their CD.

Christina:  You can save it as a high resolution and crop it in photoshop as an 8x10 so whatever size they print it as it prints as you intend it to be :)

Braska: I use Lightroom to mass export them out with the "longest edge" at a 12 or shortest edge at 8.

Braska: Benefit to doing that too is you can also set the dpi as well so you make sure that even though you put the longest edge or shortest edge in that the dpi doesn't allow it to be blown up any larger than the size you actually want them to print at!!! Higher dpi=later print size if they stretch it and it'll still look good! Just an FYI I learned the hard way

Melissa: Awesome, so 300DPI is a good resolution? I want them to be able to print little prints for a photo album or scrap book and share them online but come to me for art prints and canvases. Thanks so much! I figured there were about 540 differnet ways to tackle this, so it's good to hear what works for others!

Rebecca: they can print bigger than what you size it to.... I sized my file to 8 x 10 300dpi and uploaded to snapfish, they allowed me 16 x 20! if you size them for facebook 960 pixels on the long size, they can still print to 5x7! It may not look that good, but the average person doesnt see the difference... they will think it looks fine....


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