What can I use if I don't have any backdrops?

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QOTD: from Diane: "I have been asked to do my friends son's 1 year photos. I was thinking of doing a few cake smash pictures. I have NO backdrops/floordrops. I was wondering what would be best to use. They live in WI so I don't think it'd be warm enough to do outside w/ a naked babe. "

Shanna-Kaye:  Solid colored wall, with wood floor if possible.

Mollie: I took a friend's portraits the other day and I just went to the fabric store and found some black fabric for $2.49/yard. I'd say just search around, find some that's somewhat cheap and fits your photos. Maybe grab like 3 yards? Good luck with your photos! Cake smashes are awesome. =]

Brian: Seamless paper is really great too. After the mess of the cake smash you can just tear off the used portion and still have plenty on the roll for other shoots to come. You can buy it at B&H Photo Video Pro Audio or Amazon

Chelsea: You could buy a cheap flat sheet....make sure all wrinkles are ironed out of it and use that. Usually you can get them from wal-mart for like $5

Celeste:  I just did one a couple weeks ago and bought seamless paper. Worked great. I was worried about their floors being a mess afterwards and what if they had no great flooring for the baby to sit on and just carpet. It was so nice to tear it off with all the cake mess/crumbs and throw it out.

Krysteena: With seamless paper you don't have to worry about ironing your backdrop or cloning out wrinkles in post processing

Ellary: Where is a good place to buy seamless paper?

Brittany:  I started out using fabric and bed sheets! And also its been in the 70's or higher in WI so outside could work

Angela: Fleece works well, it doesn't need ironed either, but for cake smash paper is great, or a large piece of plexiglass... The reflective quality is nice from that too!

Tina: I sometimes use gift wrap on the wall

Amanda: It's 79 degrees in WI today ;) but I agree with seamless for sure!

Skye:  Fleece is always great and some of the larger fabric stores have it on sale this time of year. Sometimes when I do a cake smashe, I use large peices of white vinyl tablecloth fabric. It's pretty inexpensive and wipes up easily. and the flannel side is great for photos too. Walmart usually has it on rolls in the fabric department.

Diana: What size plexiglass do you use? I was thinking about doing the seamless paper and plexiglass

Rebecca: ) I saw photos the other day from someone who used a vinyl table cloth .... and it looked perfect! And another who used a black blanket and then put plexiglass on the floor for the baby to sit on ..


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