How many photos do you tell the couple they will receive from their wedding?

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QOTD from Kristina: "How many photos do you typically tell the couple that they will receive from their wedding day? Is it a certain number per hour?"

Shanna-Kaye:  No-I typically give 15-300 per wedding

Becky:  I never give them a number, maybe a wide range like 600-800 or something. Every wedding is different. Some weddings have a massive amount of family photos so they will have more, some weddings there is no one one the dance floor so they don't have as many reception photos. Once you give them a number you're stuck there and you may end up giving them shots you would normally edit out just to meet that number.... just the way I roll

Nancy: Of course, a wedding where you're only there an hour will not generate the same number as a full day (getting ready, formal shots, ceremony, reception). But I generally say around 500. You just want to make sure you base it on what YOU take and how many YOU want to include. You never want to give less than what you say is included. But you're welcome to include a little more. You can say "approx. 300" or "approx. 500" photos.

Shirley:  they get a disc w/ all edited images on it, usually anywhere from 300-500 depending on what was shot and how big their wedding party was.

Jenn: Like others I say a range.... I always qualify it by saying 'a typical 8 hour wedding is between 400-800 photos' which leaves me some wiggle room. I also clarify that shorter timelines are on the lower end of that. If it is a bride who only wants 3 hours then I say let them know it would be less than that. Don't put yourself at a hard number though... invariably you will get a difficult bride that gives you a hard time about it. I have learned the hard way on a few things like that.It just takes one difficult person.

Christy: Every wedding is different. Some brides think more is better, but that just makes it harder to decide what to print, and they end up never ordering. From a photog's view, lots of images usually means they are using the "spray and pray" method of shooting. And it depends on the crowd. I had one wedding outdoors where there was little dancing, and all hung out on the patio chatting and drinking. Others they dance all night, garter and bouquet, etc. so more things to capture.

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