What do you expect from your second shooter?

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QOTD from Megan: "Question! :)

What do you expect from your second shooter? What are typical responsibilities? What do you bring / wear?"

Nicole: good question, im curious to know the answer as well.

E Shay:  I expect mine to get creative, amazing shots from a different angle, & to also get some of the same "big" shots that I'm shooting, again from a different angle (such as The Kiss at a wedding, etc). Bring and wear the same stuff i am; maybe a few speciality lenses for fun captures. :)

Morgan: My second shooters are expected to be as professional as I am, and to be where I can't/ On the "Big Day" we usually split ( her with groom, me with bride ) I fully trust her to sapture al of his special moments. Ususally I entrust my second shooter with the "typical" ceremony shots while I try to move around and get the creative ones during the ceremony. And during the formals, she usually sits her camera down and is my poser/assistant!

Karen: I just wish I had a second shooter.... :(

Jackie:  I would love to be a second shooter!

Heather: Bring: A good attitude, a sweater, & be ready for anything! Typical responsibilities: fending off drunks, herding bridal parties, and smiling.

Jess: My second shooters, for weddings I have a second shooter and an assistant yes I have both :) Both are sign a contract... that I may have purchased from the fabulous BP4U Photography Tips & Guides :) Both are given a polo and required to where black dress slacks. They are required to bring all of their own gear camera/ lenses/ flash ect. Normally how the day goes, they go with groom I go with bride, during the formal pictures we do bride and groom together, the whole party then split up groomsmen and bridesmaids, she takes 1 I take the other and then we trade after about 10min. Longer if they aren't being the most cooperative some groups. At the ceremony they get all regular shots I get some regular and a lot of creative. They are also along the isle when bride goes down and I am in the back. We split up pretty good. My 2nd shooters responsibilites are to shoot or help if needed, I have an assistant collect people for their pictures and double check things like sunglasses, or other small things I may not notice trying to get the image 2 sets of eyes are always better then 1 :) hope that helped you!

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