How do I shoot a close image with the background in focus too?

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QOTD from lindsay: "HELP! Not sure why I can't figure this out! What lens do I need or how do I shoot a close (food) image with the background (palm trees) IN FOCUS too?? (Shooting with Nikon D5100, currently have 18-55mm DX and a 15-300mm). Thank you!! "

Melissa:  It's not really a question of which lens, so much as a question of what apeture or f/stop you use. Make sure you use a small enough apeture (corresponding big number, like for the f/stop) that both the fore and background will be in focus.

Brandon: Smaller aperture, right?

Kelli: I would get a wide angle lens and keep the aperture around 4?

Christy: The closer you are, the more depth of field you will need. Zoom in from farther away, and you can open up more and still get the depth needed. For aperture, large number=large DOF

Tom: You don't need a specific lens. Take your aperture to above 6 and you should have the entire photo in focus (depending how far away you are from the subject). Play with the aperture and adjust accordingly. For a Canon, the aperture mode is marked Av on the dial.

Lindsay: Thanks all!

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