How do you get OTHER people's comments/posts can be seen in the SAME view as the page owners?

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QOTD:  regarding facebook timeline: how do you get OTHER people's comments/posts can be seen in the SAME view as the page owners?

Natalie: I would LOVE to know the answer to this...

Aaron: Me too! :)

Tricia: idk

Elisha: I don't think you can - there are only 3 options highlights, posts by page and posts by others...if someone knows that'd be great!

Casey: I so hope someone knows how to do this!!

Taber: The only thing I like about timeline is the cover photo. Everything else about it fails. It's messy looking, for business pages you can't see anything your fans write on your wall unless you click on the little box, it looks unorganized and it crops my pictures in weird ways. I wish Facebook would change it!

Jenny:  I don't think it's possible. I've been searching the Help Center and haven't found anything like that. I think all you can do is click on the "see all" in the box full of other people's posts.

BP4U:  I've seen it done on another photographers page so that had me wondering

Jenny: Because you know it's possible, I tried it, and I may have found something that works. I don't know, because it's my own page and I don't know what it looks like to others, but try this:
Click on "Manage" at the top of the page. Then choose "Edit page" in the drop down. Go down to "Post visibility" and uncheck the box that says "show the box..."

BP4U: just did that - did it work on my end?

BP4U:  Oh So Posh Photography- has her page where you can see posts by others & her.. so i'm trying to figure it out lol

Matt: Jenny Kasemba Johnson... for the photo cropping you can manage how the image is shown. For each img go to the photo on the timeline and click the Edit/Remove and re position.

Jenny: Nope, it didn't work. It looks like Lidia is highlighting other people's posts to make them show up on Oh So Posh like that.

Tom: This is how i do it on my iphone (not desktop). On your page, there is a place where you can select what you as the owner can see. Click "All" below your name and it will show all posts by everyone. If you click on your page name, then it will show just your posts.

BP4U: Jenny Kazemba Johnson - i tried that but it wouldn't give me the option to highlight it?

Cate: Ok, so go to the "post" that someone else made and open it up... then hit the X in the upper right corner of the post. When you hit it, it asks you if you want to delete it or HIGHLIGHT it... and if you highlight it, it shows up on the page like Oh So Posh's does. I totally did it by accident just now and was like EUREKA!!!!!

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