How do you make your clients sign your contract?

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QOTD from Morgan- if you have a contract, how do you make your clients sign it? Do you have a pre consultation? Or do you have them sign it the day of your shoot?

Elisha:  I have mine sign it right before their session when they pay me, I talk through it with them and there is a box they can check to have the signed contract emailed to them.

Jfs Photoguy: no contrat, no shoot...simple as that...doesnt matter if its the day of the shoot or in the case of a wedding, months prior...point is, YOU the photgrapher need something to back you up and that signed contract is your lifeline

Morgan: I have a contract for sure. But some of it is stuff they need to know before the shoot...

Elisha: I do make sure I mention things such as "if the weather is bad" and things they need to know in an email beforehand. I get their address/ph/email for the contract so I can have it all filled out and just go over with them to sign. Right now I don't require a deposit--if I do I will change it to where they'll sign it when they pay their deposit ahead of the session.

Anna:  Speaking of contracts, what should one include?

Melissa:  I mail a "new client package" to my clients when they book and it includes the contract, a welcome letter, price sheet, pertinent info, etc. I include a self-addressed, stamped envelope so they just need to fill out the contract and pop it in the envelope so they can mail it back to me with no stress on them.

Geneva: Contracts ate done in advance when possible for all shoots. Occasionally we do a contract the day of with a senior or family but that is rare. We have a consult, do contracts then do session. Our contract is a hybrid of Brooke's and ones from peers.

Cate: weddings, they have to sign it to book the date.. and I send it via email and then they are responsible for getting it back via mail or scan. for portraits, I have an online electronic signature portrait model release that they must sign through machform.

Elisha: @Anna Lee Nedrow Marney - order through BP4U - everything you could need! :)

Emma: On the day the irelease app is great

Anna:  @Elisha Johnson, thank you so much!

Elisha: You're welcome :)

Anna:  So, Brooke...any sales coming up on your contracts package ( wink, wink!)

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