How do you ask photographers if you can second or third shoot for them at a wedding?

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QOTD from tara: "How do you ask photographers if you can second or third shoot for them at a wedding? I would be willing to do it for free a couple times just for the experience but don't want to come out and say that w/o sounding desperate."

Tammy: Looking forward to the responses on this one!

Angelica: maybe advertise on your facebook business page something like "Offering 2nd Shooter service in exchange for learning experience." I don't think that sounds deperate. :)

Catrina: Don't be afraid to ask around! Join your local community of photographers and get to know them, and open up to them. Let them know that you are really wanting to gain experience in weddings, and would be willing to be an assistant or second shooter if they ever need one. Everyone has to start somewhere :) Where are you located? (I could always use a second shooter)

Tara:  I am in PA

Catrina: Sad!! I'm in VA. But being friends with other photographers in my area is how I got my first couple second shooter gigs :) Hope that helps!

Sarah: I just had this happen to me today. A fellow photographer came onto my page and IMed me and said that she loved my photos, so I offered my services to her. I said "I love you photos as well. If you ever need a second shooter, please do not hesitate to ask me. I am building my portfolio and would like to work with you". She had a positive response and said she would definitely give me a call when she needed a second shooter. I am excited....and it gives me the experience to work with someone whose concepts are different than mine. But respond to any photographer you admire when they comment on your photos and offer yourself as a second shooter!

Emma: just email, be honest & upfront.. they were once learning too.. most people want to help others out.

Jenn: I agree with Emma. I just met with a girl that emailed me asking if she can meet with me to 'pick my brain' but clarified that it is a field she knows somewhat about and wants to learn more (has her own camera etc). I don't like the people that go 'oh i think photography is cool so just give me a job'. This girl has learned a little but wants to know more. I offered her the opportunity to tag along as a third shooter for me with no pay but learning experience. From my end it is nice to train someone new that could grow into a dependable second and from her end she is getting experience. win. win.

Stephanie: Catrina... Where are you?!? I would love to come second shoot for you in exchange to learn more!!! :)

Justina: Cara, what part of PA?

Justina: *Tara sorry.

Catrina: Stephanie Henderson - I'm in Lynchburg, VA.

Stephanie: Catrina Boucher... Me too!!!!!! Well, Rustburg!! I work in Lyncburg though! If you EVER need any help, let me know!!! :)

Tammy:  If anyone knows of any needs in Ohio, I would be interested :)

Tara: Justina Mikalik | Photography I am in Lancaster County. Sorry, I just saw our post.

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