How can I resize an image to make it fit an 8x10?

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QOTD from Morgan: "QOTD- I just ordered an 8x10 and of course the crop is wrong, it is cutting off the little boys feet. Is there anything I can do to resize the image or something to make it fit an 8x10?"

Jacquelyn: I have the same challenges... I can not wait to hear the answer

Andrea: Can't wait to hear response. I have same issue sometimes.

BP4U:  Have you ordered 8x12? that would fix the crop issue

Allison: You can either order an 8x12, or add a border around (it won't be even) to make it fit an 8x10 crop. Another solution is to add to the actual picture, sometimes much easier said than done.

Andrea: I have but didn't always fix it and was scared 8x12 wasn't an acceptable size for people when framing?

Hannah: 8x12's are a great solution to cropping issues.

Christy: An 8x12 would be full frame. For 8x10 prints, you need to be aware of cropping when shooting. Always think that you can crop in, but not out, and shoot wider. What I do to solve this is increase the width of the image in PS by cloning.

Cate: Morgan -- honestly I would chat with the client and let them know this picture is adorable but the crop is going to cut into it. Would they consider a different ratio like 11x14 or 8x12? It is never a bad thing to include the client and get their advice!

Vallerie: 8x12 works to avoid cropping but you can't find 8x12 frames

Brita: put a border around it then custom cut a mat for it.

Stephanie:  I do the aspect ratio cropping in LR. Then move image to hopefully include most of the image! But I shoot slightly wide for this reason...

Sheila:  always shoot with room

Jackie:  I have found 8x12 frames at Hobby Lobby and even Walmart for super cheap.

Helen: Aaron Brothers always has a very nice selection of 8x12 frames.

Tom: Best suggestion I can give is shoot wide!!!

Jfs Photoguy: Photoshop...Image> Image size> select at the bottom scale, UNSELECT constrain, and select the drop down select "bicubic sharper" in the document size, put in your width/height dimensions...voila

Angela: I know there's probably another way to do this but here is what I'd photoshop: file>new>make the size 8"x10", then drag the photo to this "new image". Control+T (to transform) hold the shift key down while you drag one of the corners in, drag til the photo fits the 8x10. Most important part: you must hold the shift key while dragging the corner, this prevents the "squashing" of the photo.

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