What have your experiences been with renting lenses?

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QOTD from Holly: "I have a question! I want to rent a lens for an upcoming wedding, does anyone have experience renting lenses, and where would be the best place to start?"

Amy: www.borrowlenses.com seems to be the cheapest

Stacie:  www.lensgiant.com

Daniel:  www.borrowlenses.com

Cherish:  www.borrowlenses.com, they are great!

Jenna:  I've rented 4+ times from BorrowLenses.com. I vote for them too! Great prices and if you're ordering for a weekend, they can deliver them on Friday and you don't have to ship them back until Monday.

Karen:  www.lensprotogo.com

Brooke: ook for somewhere local www.samys.com is local to me, so is convenient to pick up and drop off quickly.

Meagan: www.borrowlenses.com is where I have found the best lenses at not too terrible of a price!

Morgan: Borrow lenses is great! I ordered the 70_200 2.8 for a wedding. Got it for a three day length. Arrived Thursday morning and I shipped out on Monday afternoon

Ashley: www.lensrentals.com has been great, as well aswww.borrowlenses.com. I've never had to go through a approval process with either, and always opted for the insurance just in case. (event though I have my own biz insurance that covers rented equipment as well).

Michelle:  i rent all the time fromwww.photorentalsource.com the are great !!

Christie:  I would suggest borrowlenses.com. I have used them twice. Great prices, service and a huge selection.

Cate: sidenote: I just rented fromwww.prophotorental.com and they offer free 3-day shipping and very reasonable prices. I rented a lens for two months b/c it was cheaper to do that than send it in every other week... awesome!

Anna: www.rentglass.com is great! I use them all of the time.

Jennifer: Anyone have a suggestion for Canada?

Tom:  Locally, I use Samy's Camera. Pick up Friday after 3pm, due back Mon by 10am, charged for just 1 day!

Karen: Borrowlens.com, I've used them several times. Never had any problems, equipment is top notch and in great shape.

Angie:  Aperturent out of Atlanta.. they ship or you can pick up if you're local. Amazing prices, amazing products. :)

JC Photography:  This was a great question!

Holly: Thank you everyone! Ill check them all out! I trust y'all more than google! Lol!

Lexilu:  i use both apeturent and borrow lens...if you are a zenfolio customer you can get a discount on your borrow lens rental. love both companys

Karen: Update: I just rented and returned the 100-400mm from borrowlens.com. All the reviews of this lens was fantastic! But honestly this 'particular' lens was terrible! I used my Canon T2i, Xsi, and my 7D with and without tripods. Out of approx 500+ vacation pictures with this lens, none of them with this lens are sharp and printable. I tried every known settings on my cameras known to mankind, but was not able to get one single sharp image. I'm by no means a professional photog, but I'm not a beginner either, and I have some working knowledge of my cameras and lens. So I know this lens has some kind of defect. Either been dropped, or ect. I emailed them to inform them of this problem, asked for a credit, or even a partial credit and still no response. So...time will tell how they handle this transaction.


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