How many pictures do I tell my clients they will get from their session?

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QOTD from Angela: "What do you say to clients that ask why they only get "x" amount of photos from the session?"

Michelle:  I've never had anyone ask... I'm curious to see how I could answer this incase I ever am asked.

Reva: The amount you usually give? I range from 20-30.

Chelsea:  I think she means she told them the amount and they questioned her on why only that many. I read this, but didn't answer because I've personally never had this happen either lol.

Reva: Right. Still applies. And it depends on the flow of the session also.

Mindy: I was asked when I first started my business. I told the client that I pick and choose the best of the best for them to look at. I've since then revised my contract and included that photos are chosen at my discretion.

Reva: Yep. My contract states the amount of photos and I discuss the amount usually during my price quote. I over deliver most of the time but if I meet my quota, it shouldn't be a problem

Jenny: If you get one amazing photo, you will blow it up, print it big, and love it all the time. If you get 500 photos, you will be overwhelmed and you won't print any of them. Part of the hard work of being a photographer is sorting through everything to find the best for you. The photographer's professional reputation also depends on the quality of photos she gives you, so she can't afford to give you anything that's not her best.

Angela: This was the first time I ever had a client ask why she was "only receiving 20 - 30 photos" from her session. She continued by asking "well, do you feel 30 is enough?" I responded by saying she can buy a CD with all the photos for a price, which didn't answer her question, but got her to stop asking lol.

I was just asking to see if anyone else ever had this happen. Usually clients don't question me like this.


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