What is a good file size to set your camera on?

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QOTD from Kayleigh: "What is a good file size to set your camera on? I shoot in JPEG.."

Cate: I always say, "bigger is better" because you can always size down but you cant size up.

Jen: If you are doing it professionally, than RAW!!!! Its the only way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian:  If you have time to post process then Raw should be your first option. It's very hard to go back and recreate a moment exactly as it was in any shot unless you're in a very controlled environment. So maximum resolution, maximum file size, jpeg, or Raw

Jessica:  I process with PSE right now and so I set it with the highest JPEG, so far, it's been great. I know everyone says RAW, but I tried it and didn't see the need for it. I guess if I processed with lightroom or CS5, then I might?

Deanna:  I shoot Raw for outdoor and large jpeg for my studio stuff!

Justin: Finally, someone else shooting Jpeg! Dont believe the RAW hype. Jpeg large and fine is all you need to get solid photos. They are big enough for large prints, but wont eat up hard drive after hard drive after hard drive of storage. Dont get me wrong, raw is good for somethings, but ultimately, its not for everybody. As said in hte first post, shoot the large and fine settings, you can size up but can size down.

Melissa: I like shooting in large jpeg as well and was recently informed with canon cameras, when you change the settings (especially sharpness) it does not take effect in RAW format :( I can even upload photos to prove it! So I think I will continue to shoot in large jpeg :)

Mollie: I used to always shoot in JPEG large and nobody ever told me about RAW, but since post-production is my favorite part (gasp!) I started going with RAW to give me more detailed editing.

Kayleigh: I sometimes forget that there are other kayleighs in the world and I was like.."I didn't ask this question!!" ...I also shoot in large jpeg. As my business grows and my knowledge of PSE grows I find post production editing to be more tedious than when I was using one click editing tools like picnik and windows editor, so jpeg is my friend :)

Kayleigh: Thanks everyone! I am shooting my first wedding Saturday and was trying to figure out what the best quality setting I should use..and I think I will stick with large JPEG - it is good quality and you can fit a lot more photos on a SD card :)
And you are the first Kayleigh I have heard of! We share a pretty sweet name!

Kayleigh: Yes, it is a great name!!
Good luck with your first wedding!! Do you have a Facebook page or website? If so, post a link, I'd love to see your work!!

Stephanie: I like raw myself - edit it and then transfer to jpeg back it up and then kill the raw for storage purpose


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