Where is the best place to sell a lens?

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QOTD from Katie: "hey! I am looking for the best place to sell a lens besides ebay and craigslist.

Amy: www.fredmiranda.com

Amanda: 2nd that

Christy: I sold my old film cameras on Amazon. As long as there is one listed already, you can list yours as used. They give a shipping credit and take a small commission. Sold a bunch of stuff on there for much more than any place would give me!

Stephene: Pixtus

Anna: Rentglass buys/sells used camera equipmeny

E Shay: B&H Photo and maybe Adorama buys used lenses. :)

Esta:  there are also several camera buy sellcamera fb groups.

Niki Sparks Photography: You can get a quote online from KEH.com


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