At what point during pregnancy do you stop scheduling shoots?

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QOTD from Gabby: "At what point in your pregnancy in the weeks leading up to your due date did you decide to stop scheduling sessions (if you did stop) and for how long after your due date or actual delivery date did you give yourself maternity leave?"


BP4U: I didn't shoot anything after 6 months (but I shoot weddings & was pretty sick)... after I had the baby - I had 3 weeks off before my first wedding. (which i wouldn't suggest - give yourself at least 5 weeks)..

Shanna-Kaye: I stopped right after 36 weeks-(did 15 mini sessions at 36 weeks-which makes for a VERY sore mama!) and I took a 6 week maternity leave after I had my son.

Carrie: I worked (editing) while I was in labor(although I didn't know) and then had to work about 2 weeks after giving birth because my son showed up 2 weeks early. The only work I did for 6 weeks was editing and ordering prints from sessions before he was born.

E Shay: Took 8 weeks off after baby was born; worked right up until I went into labor. :)


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