What is the ideal temperature for doing a newborn session outdoors?

by admin May 23, 2012

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QOTD from Jen: ""What is an ideal temperature(s) for doing a newborn session outdoors? Any tips, etc?"

Amy:  80+

Ann:  Depends on how covered the baby is going to be....I'd say a minium of 70 degrees to be safe if naked shots and keep wrapped in blanket between poses.

Kellie: I agree. if you as the photographer are not sweating like a pig, it is not warm enuf for baby.

Lynley:  Ask a doctor. People make the mistake all the time of making babies too warm. I've been told by doctors before if you're cold put a blanket on them, if you're hot they don't need a blanket either.

Lynley: Just googled and on several sites it says the optimal temperature for infant sleep is between 65 and 70°F some even go to 72 or up to 78. If you're "sweating like a pig" it's too hot for the baby too.

Sarah: 68-72 degrees

Belinda: Always pre heat the room before bubba arrives, and have the heater on medium heat while bubba is there


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