Anyone know of a good storage camera bag?

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QOTD from Melissa: "wondering if anyone knows of a camera bag (for a decent price) that can hold 2 cameras, along with 70-200, a 55mm lens, and a flash. wanting to buy my hubby one for father's day, thanks :)"

Brian: What's your price range? I recommend a Thinktank camera bag.

Marc: I love my Think Tank Street Walker. I have a D5000 camera body, 105mm, 50mm, 24-70, speedlight and two Vivitar flashes, radio controllers, and a battery charger. It is full, but not packed.

Lars: Burton Zoom or Dakine Reload are big backpacks and i think decently priced. I have a Reload but as it is a backpack, it's mostly for the hiking and touring missions.

Taylor: Crumpler is my go-to bag

Melissa:  thank you all, i will look into all of them :)

Shanna-Kaye:  I have a Libby Kelly More Bag-and they have guy bags too


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