Where do I post pictures for my clients to preview?

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 QOTD from Tara: "I remember reading on here people listed different places to host images for their clients to look at them. I am looking for preferably a free one until I get a little more established to use the one my print company has, which I would have to pay for. Also, do you edit all your pictures you post or just a few?"

Leah: I use https://www.dropbox.com/ -- it's free. And yes.

Melissa: I am using pass and yes i edit all my images i never post anything in raw format. Good luck and have fun!

Cate:  I use http://www.zenfolio.com/ , I do not think its free.. but I am not 100% sure, I use the partnership with Millers Lab so I paid $200 for that part of it but it might be free if you start out individually just using it. I do basic edits to ALL the photos I show and if a photo requires more than basic, I either dont show it, or decide if the end results is going ot be worth all the work I have to put into it and take the risk the client wont even pick it! :-0 Thats your choice.

Melissa: I use http://www.shootproof.com/ and it is free. I have been happy with it so far. I usually edit all the photos I show, but I usually only have 20-30 images in their gallery. I do both basic retouching and black & white for all images in a clients gallery.

Jen: http://www.smugmug.com/  has different options from free to high end membership.

Morgan:  http://www.shootproof.com/ is amazing!!! If you sign up you can say that Photos By Moe sent you ;)

Jenn: Instaproofs. They have great tracking and other tools and only take a commission when you sell a print. Other than that it is free and deposits your money for you

Tony: for something really basic, I have been using a google+ album and set the privacy so that I share a special link that will open the album.

Fiona: Imagefile works for me. It's £30 per month with branding but it took a one hour shoot for it to generate enough sales to pay for itself.

Ray: Good info1

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