Which camera is better: 5D Mark II or Nikon D800?


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QOTD from Jess: "Ok so i have been doing some debating I am going to be upgrading and I am not sure which camera is better... the canon 5d mark ii... or the nikon d800?... I currently shoot canon but I am open to switching but when I was first starting out a wedding photographer scared me from going Nikon :( So I am a little hesitant... So if you have shot with both or the Nikon... which do you prefer?"

Sarah: Either popular photography or outdoor photography had a good comparison article

Crystal: I just got a mark III and part of me wishes I had switched to Nikon. I did a ton of research and got the Mark III because everyone raved about the quality at high ISOs. Either I'm too picky, or maybe my camera isn't as good as others???? IDK, I'm not too impressed with it. I can shoot at 1600 and still be happy, higher and I'm not. I also tend to like really sharp photos and the Nikon seems to do better with those crisp photos. Just my opinion :) Take it or leave it ;)

Sarah: Myself I am a Nikon girl but had a Canon before and liked it too

Brandon: Personally, I'd stick with what you have only because you've invested so much money in the lenses and other peripherals. The Canon is cheaper, has a little less color depth, and isn't as good as the Nikon at high ISO... but if you haven't invested in other lenses or flashes, etc. then by all means buy the Nikon.

Michelle: I know that the deciding factor for me was the fact that Nikon lenses aren't as interchangeable as Canon lenses are, which would save me money in the long run.

Abby:  Glad u wrote that crystal, i was thibkibg of going the mark iii, but goibg the mark ii now instead, ive also heard ppl being sold on the high iso, but not happy with it when they get it

Emma: 800 handles noise better and a few other qualitys in comparison.. I would say go into the shop & hold them both.. If u have heaps of canon gear.. Stay with that though save yourself some $$$

Morgan: http://snapsort.com/compare/Canon_EOS_5D_Mark_II-vs-Nikon-D800

E Shay:

Ellary: I am totally all for Nikon I used to have canon. but there are way to many flaws I would never buy a canon again and I never recommend canon when I sell cameras


Grace: If I wasn't so invested in lenses I would switch to Nikon. I'm really not that impressed with the ISO either. The focusing, yes, it's great. The color isn't very sharp.


Tarisha: It can be a pretty wicked learning curve moving from canon to Nikon or vice versa- because the the controls are opposite in some cases. I ended up with Nikon, because I went to a store and tested out both cameras. I went with the one that was most intuitive for me. I've been a Nikon for my last three cameras.

Beth: I have used both Nikon and Canon and both have pros and cons. Once you pick you usually have to stick with one due to lenses etc. I personally found with the equipment I have used that Canon lenses were less interchangeable, but if you are starting fresh it shouldn't matter, see what feels natural when you use them :)

Erin: My dad has the D-800 and the high ISO capability is UNREAL! I shoot Canon, but would switch in a heartbeat for a D-800.

Sarah: I recently switched from Canon to Nikon, and was one heck of a learning curve. Everything seemed backwards and I found the Nikon to be not as user friendly when it came to controls...it definitely took me a while to get a handle on it. But once I did, wow! The color and sharpness of my photos are so much more amazing. I think I'll be a Nikon user for life now.

Karen: I shoot a lot higher than 1600 Iso with my Canon 5D mkIII, depending on the situations. IMO, it blows my other 2 cameras (7D & T2i) out of the water. Wouldn't shoot anything other!!! Of course I know the differences in full and cropped sensors.

Kit: Either way you are gettin a good camera with noise handling etc... But one thing that ive noticed when shooting my weddings, is the audible noise of the shutter on my 5d mk ii. Its very loud during a quiet situation such as the ceremony, whereas nikons are much more quiet and less noticeable. As silly a point as this might sound but its something i have noticed from my experience in weddings, and something i wish my 5d was better at.

Jess: thank you all for your input! I am still too undecided lol... I currently own a canon t2i... and it just doesn't shoot the way I want it to either I am growing out of its capabilities or it just isn't 100% right for me.... I don't have a lot invested in the canon lenses either i own 4 and I am looking to make that big investment in my gear this year so I guess I will have to go try them out with a memory card bring them home and see which is better

Jfs: it handles noise way better (not just the full frames either) I myself have two d7000's and will put them up against a 7d any day.


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