What size beanbag do you use for newborn sessions?

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QOTD from Katie: "For folks that photograph a lot of newborns: care to tell me the size of your beanbag? I've seen a variety of answers, I have a very small car (ugh) and I'm trying to find something that is fairly easily to tote around. I don't think I can fit an 80" beanbag in my car, but it seems like that's the most popular. I shoot totally on-location, no studio space, so the size & tote-ability aspects are super important!"

Christy:  I have a full size Posey Pillow - The Newborn Poserand love it, but they also have a travel size

Kelli: Take a look at "Studio Baby" Posing Prop. I have their large one, but they have a great travel size.

Critty: I have the studio size...but I travel and don't have a studio. I takes up quite a large space in my SUV! A fellow photog I know has the traveler size...and I wish I had gotten that one instead. The traveler is the perfect size!

Heather: I second Kelli!

Christina: you know if u are at at clients house using mom and dads bed works great if you set up your stand at the corner.

Jacqueline: I made a posey pillow it is the size of a large bean bag and is 42" wide and 12" tall and takes 3 bean bag fills to fill but is way cheaper to make yourself than to buy from them!!!

Shelia: Posey Pillow - The Newborn Poser has a travel size it is a bit smaller than the ones for studio hth

Sarah: I shoot on-location and mine is 40". I drive a Highlander, so it helps, but it still takes up 1/2 of the back. :)

Amanda:  I did exactly what Jacqueline did

Adriana: Now I want to make my own!'

MeMe: JacI'd love to try to make my on bean bag . Would y'all please share how and where to her the supploes to make my own ? Please and Thanks yal

MeMe: I have been stressing and giving kits if thoughts to baby losers and bean bags lately . I'm just a newbie on the block and I need all the advice , tips and tricks that's I possibly can get. Come on someone grab me by the hand and lead and guide me some in any and all areas I have a huge love for learning and advancing . Thanks



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