Do you let your clients pick the pictures for press printed albums?

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QOTD from Sharon: "This question is for wedding photographers who create press printed albums. Do you let your clients pick the pictures? This makes the most sense, but what a nightmare trying to make a cohesive book! Advice welcome."

 Sarah: For all our albums rather traditional albums with 4x6 prints or press printed albums I ask our clients to pick a certain number of photos that they would like to see in their album...I always make sure that this number of less than the total number of pictures we will use (for example an album that will have 120 pictures I ask them to pick no more than 100). I also ask them to indict about 5 photo that they would like to have as large photos. This way we are able to create an album that has the photos they love but have the ability to add photos to create a cohesive book with a beautiful story line. We choose this method because we found that we pick photos based on two things: 1. The best photos from a photographers perspective and 2. the photos that tell the story as we saw it that day, however our clients pick their photos based on the photos that best remind them of the emotions they experienced that day.

Bob: I ask if they have any specific images that they definitely want included or excluded. Then I make the preview and show them a proof. They can make changes as they see fit. Clients don't know how to make a cohesive album and they should look to you for your expertise.

Katie: I design the album and present it to the customer when I post all the photos. They can then go through and make changes to design or images if they choose.

Timothy: I guide the client on how to choose their photos and educate them on what makes their album cohesive. I tell them how many photos to choose and where to start when choosing. I then create an album and consult the client on the changes I feel would make the book perfect.

Stacy: Go ahead and design the album then allow them 2 proofing sessions to give their input into the design. Let them know that as a professional, you are going to go ahead and do thisfor them, but once it's completed you want to ensure they're happy with the end result and their input/suggestions will be honored. KISS albums lets you do all of this proofing online.

Christy: I have them choose "must haves" which are mainly family and friends that are very special and need to be included. After that, the designing is up to me. If they want to choose all the pix, they are charged extra for my time because it will take at least double the time to create.

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