How do you collect payment from clients?

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QOTD FROM DG photography: "QOTD: How do you collect payment from clients? Do you just collect sitting payment? Do you collect full payment before session? Or do you allow clients to view images before they purchase?"

Christine: I collect the session fee prior to or at the latest, the day OF the session. I have found that a lot of clients prefer PayPal, so I accept that as well as checks or cash. For images, I use a lab where clients can purchase prints directly from them so I am removed from that payment process.

Christina:  Session fee is due at the session. I have actually started taking a deposit to help with people not showing up. if they cancel they don't get that money back. Its a small amount but it makes it so i am not losing out if they decide they can not make it. if they order prints 50% is due upon ordering and the other 50% is due upon pick up of there prints.

Robert:  I always have the sitting fee due the day of the shoot. I have multiple options available for prints, those are due when they order their prints.

Corina: I require a 50% deposit due upon scheduling a session and the other 50% due the day of, unless it's for an event then the other 50% is due at the beginning of the month.

Emily: I require a 25% deposit to book a session. Then, once I edit the images I let them know. As soon as I receive the final payment I give them a link to their gallery.

Weddings I do a bit differently, though.

Carrie: Sitting fee day of session, 50% once they place order of prints and the remaining 50% once I deliver the print order

Daniela: Thanks everyone. I also require a nonrefundable payment due at booking. My issue is how long some clients take to place orders and make payments. I don't like to be pushy with my clients but, I'm thinking I might have to make some kind of a "late fee" for orders past two weeks. any suggestions?

Melissa: Payment is due the day of their session. My packages include the sitting fee and a print package. If they order more prints then what is included in the print package, the remaining balance is due before I will place their order. I make my clients online gallery good for about a month and a half. If they don't order by then, I will send them a reminder email, usually that works.


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