Tips for posing guys in senior pictures

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QOTD from Tara: "I have a tough time posing senior guys and like to look how other photographers pose them. A lot of the photographers I follow on fb hardly ever (if ever) post pictures of senior boys. Are there any photographers that I can "like" that do take good senior boy pictures? And why am I having a hard time finding them? Do some photographers only shoot girls? Sorry this is a lame questions, I was just curious. "

Shannon: Try brian baer, he shoots mostly seniors & does a fair amount of boys.

Sarah: You an check out my blog. I have a few posted. Just look under the senior

Amy: I have done quite a few senior boys this year.

Carrie: Some photographers do only photograph girls. They know the market is very lucrative photographing girls as they want the whole model experience. I myself photograph a lot of girls, but do some boys as well. You can check out my page,Freeland Photography or my website and blog for some of the guys I have, And

Heather:  I am so new to this and have at least one senior boy session coming up and I am gonna be honest and I used Pinterest to get a lot of ideas. And a lot of pictures i've seen are using their personal props (sports,video gaming, etc)

Oona: Have you seen/heard of this? Like pinterest for photogs... lots of cool info! Might have something helpful for senior boys posing. Good luck! & thanks for the post - might help me too! I'm a newbie too & am shoot my first senior boy Sept 8! :)

Amanda: try Ooto Photography. She's a friend of mine and posts her senior guys

Denise: Oh no another! Im not going to get anything done now! :)

Leona: Look at Turnmeyer Studios.


Timothy Eyrich photography on Facebook.

KaraCenter Street Portrait Studio

Jim: @jamesrandallphotography

Tisha: Images by Tisha on I start off by letting them give me poses that feel natural & comfortable to them. Then I work in what I think will look good. They are relaxed by then

Andrea: I was super intimidated to shoot senior guys. I just figured it would be awkward and hard to pose them. I bought the senior guy BP4U cards, studied them like crazy, and took on photographing my first senior boy recently. I was pleasantly surprised at how much more relaxing the shoot was. It ended up being a lot of fun! I'm guessing you don't see senior guys featured quite as much because it isn't quite as big of a business. Senior guys typically get photos done to make their moms happy, and they are less likely to share their photos like crazy on FB. Here's my one and only (so far) senior guy shoot: My sister does a great job photographing senior guys. Here are some of her albums: and and Best wishes in your search for inspiration!


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