Does anyone have advice on mini sessions?

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QOTD from S&F photography: "Looking to run my first "mini session" in October I need some advise. Length of the session, cost, and CD or prints and how many?"

 Mindy: I just did mine. I did 15 mins, 5 edited photos on a disc for $50. They were back to school themed and everyone loved them! Your welcome to check them out, @MindyFrancisPhotography

Becca: I'm doing mine in October. $150 for a 20 min sessions with 8-10 images on a disc.

Victoria:  Becca, if I charged that I'd get laughed at. I so need a new target market! But I am fairly new.

Amy:  I am fairly new as well, but I did summer mini sessions and charged $100 for 15 edited images, and people booked like gang busters. I think it depends on the amount of pictures vs. the cost. $50 for 5 images, seems fair enough, but I think that $150 for 8-10 is a little too much. Again, it depends on your clientele.

Elisha:  My regular mini's run about 30 min (I advertise 30-45) $50 and 15-20 images on a CD is average.

Crystal: I have a similar question...what do you give for a full session then. I was doing 30 minute minis with 5-10 edited images but then I would like $225 for a full session. So what do you offer there to not make the mini all you end up doing?!

Amy: I do my mini's for $100 for 15 images; then I do family sessions for $225 for 30 images; Senior sessions for $300 for 50 images, newborn sessions the same etc... I find that I spend about an hour on my mini's which I know is A WAY too long for a mini, but I am a bit of a perfectionist. lol I honestly get more bookings for family sessions at $225.

Vanessa: I'm charging them $50, 30 mins, 5-10 finished images on disc.

Carolins' Photography: for my mini sessions I charge $75 for 30 min, for up to a family of 5 and up to 15 images depending on # of people. I book them in 45 min increments to give me a couple mins between. I try to fill up a Saturday or Sunday and I do it two weekends in October. Works out well.

S&F Photography: Thank you all so much for your great ideas! wish me luck!


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