How much would you charge a company to make a calendar?

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QOTD from Briana: "Question! I was just approached about taking pictures for a business so that they can create a calendar. I was wondering how to charge for that type of thing! Any suggestions/tips would be quite helpful! :)"

Jason: There was a VERY interesting article on MM about this very topic and how the negotiations progressed. With original copies of the itemized proposal.

Melissa: MM?

Jfs Photoguy:calendar images like that are priced based upon usages...for instance. you allow 12 images for 5000 calendars at 20$ an image...after that run of 5000, the usage right ceases and they have to re-buy the usage right again...same thing goes with stock imagery...the agency (stock photo) allows the editor the use of that image for so many prints and then thats it...the publisher has to re-buy that image after they have used up the allowable usage...

Suz: u can order them for shops then charge 20-30% extra + shipping and tax.

Jfs Photoguy:  typical markup in something like that is 150-200%


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