What would you rather have, an expensive body with a cheap third-lens or a mid-level prosumer body with a high-quality lens?

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QOTD: What would you rather have, an expensive body with a cheap third-lens or a mid-level prosumer body with a high-quality lens?

Lexi:Mid-level body with a quality lens for sure!

Melissa: ditto

Amanda: Mid-level body, quality lens.

Jfs Photoguy: if you know what your doing and have experience you can obtain the same results with either combination...its all in how well you know your gear

Cristen: ditto!

Jess: mid/quality

Esta: high quality lens every time! I could always upgrade bodies later.

Chrissey: Mid-level body, high-quality lens.

Sandi: high quality lens for sure

Melanie: Sorry, but you're not going to get the same results with an 70-300 f/4 kit lens as you would with an L series 85mm f/1.2.

Grace: Mid with high quality lens

Brytknee: lens ♥

Selena: Mid with high quality lens! I currently own both the Canon Rebel t2i and t1i (as a back-up camera) with the cheap wide angel lens each came with and a mid grade lens. I'm saving to buy an L series lens and am almost there! As my teacher once told me, you could have the most expensive and top quality camera in the world, but if your lens is mid to low grade, your photos will never look as good as the person who bought a mid level body + a top line lens. Always put your money towards to better lens!

Dayhawk: Mid-level bodies suit most if not all situations. Bad lenses however suit almost no situation.

Rick: would rather have the high quality lens. I find shots with T3i and an L lens turn out better then a mid lens on the 5D MKII. Still prefer the L lens on the 5D though, but if i was just starting out and had to make a choice of where to spend the money, def go with the lenses and cheaper body.

Jodie: It's all about the GLASS baby!!!! Give me an "L" series lens on a Rebel XS and I can still rock it out!

Spiffy Pix Photography: Beautifully said, Dayhawk Kim.

Andrea:  Lens over body! :)

Carla: no question...lens over body

Tom: How about an expensive body with a high quality lens....say a 1DX with the 24-105mm!

Jennifer: definitely high quality lens on a prosumer body

Karen: A good lens always!!

Beth: Mid level high quality lens

Kimberly:  Lens for sure!

Matt: Good glass wins every time ")

Jackie: Lens wins every time, period


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