What can I do to make my logo not pixelated in Photoshop?

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QOTD from Anthony: "In Photoshop when I try to put my logo on another photo it comes out very pixelated and blurry... what can I do?"

Jamie:Are you resizing before adding the logo? How many DPI is the logo you're using? what format is the logo in?

Tom: The DPI is too low. Save the logo as 300dpi and there shouldn't be any blurring no matter how big it is.

Manda: Make sure the logo resolution and photo resolution are the same. If the photo is 300dpi/ppi, then the logo should also be 300 and should already be the size you want it on the photo w/o using the free transform tool.

Selena: Exactly everything the others have said. :)

-I had an issue where after exporting my files from Lightroom with my logo attached; the logo was incredibly pixelated. I later realized it was because I decreased my DPI from 300 down to 100. (I was putting photos online and decreased my DPI so if someone tried to steal the photos, they wouldn't be able to successfully print the images.) Computer, tv and phone screens all display images at 72 DPI no matter how high of DPI the original file is. However printers usually use 200-270 DPI when printing.

-Something else to keep in mind. Always export files used for printing at 300 DPI at all times! You can never have too high of a DPI :)

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