Is Photoshop a one-time purchase?

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QOTD: "So I'm still kind of new to photography and have used Gimp since starting. When I go to buy photoshop, or any paid editor, is it a one time purchase or do I have to buy it yearly?"

Amy:  one time payment, and HIGHLY recommended

Erricka: The only time you pay again, is when they come out with a new version.

Erricka:  Or if you want to add any actions.

Chelsea:  Photoshop is a one time purchase but so worth it. And if you're a student you get a huge discount.

Bridget: It's a one time purchase, but if you like it you will likely want to upgrade every couple of years. Upgrades are not as expensive as the initial purchase.

Tia: I have Photoshop Elements 10 and there is no annual fee. There is a 'Creative Cloud' that is subsc. base and it's $20 per month--IF ya wanna--this gives you Photoshop CS6--this is full-blown photoshop. Unless this is EXACTLY what you want--and you need that much power, then might want to start with elements and work your way up.

Krysteena: It's a one time purchase with photoshop. I would recommend Lightroom... you can get a 30 day free trial at If you are a student, you can also get a student discount at on photoshop and lightroom. You just missed a crazy good sale on both at B&HPhoto:(

Jeff: If you've used GIMP, try PSE 10 (usually less than $100) or download a trial of Photoshop or Lightroom. PSE does many of the same things than the full version of Photoshop does, without paying $500+. (And Lightroom is very good, too.)

Kerry:  I started with GIMP a few years ago, then I used elements for over a year and really learned many of the features, I have now just wanted a little more and signed up for the $20/month to use cs6. I highly recommend using elements first to learn what you can do, and then move to full photoshop, you might even find that elements has everything you want.

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