Do you charge more for a newborn session when there are triplets?

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 QOTD from Kim: "Hey photogs....Do you charge more for a newborn session when there are triplets?"

Brytknee: charge per amount of photos not amount of people in them..

Haley: If they want individual photos of each on top of the group photos then yes. That's 4 different sets of photos as opposed to one

E Shay: Nope. I figure they will be spending three times a ls much throughout the kids' lifetimes; why not help them out a little? The mama did give birth to three babies in one shot, & she and the daddy have their hands full enough & stress levels high enough without me adding to them. :)

Lindsay: I have a flat session fee with a designated number of edits. If they want triple the number of pictures they can pay triple session fees. Otherwise they can split the edits amongst the children.

Morgan:  Yes, my session fee is $100 for a 3 or more hour newborn session. PLUS a $20 fee each additional baby. Don't cheat yourself. It is VERY* hard to keep one baby satisfied during a session....and much harder to handle 3!! ALSO-take a helper ;)

Shonta: I would definetly have a helper....... but i wouldn't charge more. I mean you can put triplets in your portfolio then! :)

Kim: Thanks everyone!

Andrea: I would charge more... More faces to edit and more work to get the 3 in the same timing, but probably $30 per extra head for 2 hours....
You aren't editing one baby anymore now it's 3. It is hard work to do

Suz:  I'm on the edge I like a lot of ppl responses at the same time it is ur time and like someone said it will take longer do maybe just charge a small extra session fee. Or if they want more prints then definitely

Gail:  Tell mom u usually would charge for extra,babies,editing,ect. But, you'd rather get great contest/competition images, AND U R counting on her to bring U 5 new clients by November. Make mom one of your POWER clients --- everybody WINS.

Sibrina: How often do you get to shoot triplets? I think it would be a great addition to your portfolio and worth the extra time ;-)

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