Does anyone use Lightroom without using Photoshop?

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QOTD from Nicole: " I use only Lightroom...and during and after shoots my clients say "you'll photoshop that out right?" When I tell them I don't use Photoshop they give me a strange look...My question is this....Does anyone else out there strictly use only LR? Or am I the only one, lol"

Katie:  I use Lightroom for batch editing and then do my fine tuning in Photoshop. :)

Tina:  nope I mostly use lightroom, I rarley pull anything into photoshop. Actually alot of photographers Example (zach and jody gray) use mostly lightroom! Its a fantastic tool!

Mandy: 100% Lightroom

Brytknee:  i dont really like lightroom. but ive been working with photoshop for 10 years for various editing.. aha

Renae: A few of my friends only use Lightroom. Depends how much post work you like/need to do I spose. I'm a newborn tog so I kinda need the extra features that photoshop offers that Lightroom does for my heavy editing that I do.

Renae:  'That Lightroom doesn't' I mean oops

Ashley:  I have used lightroom for about 9 months now but as my photography get better I see my clients wanting more and me expecting more. My ps6 should be arriving today. I want to have a nice logo, and templates, create cards and calendars and I just can seem to do that in Lightroom. So I finally broke down and got photoshop. But how long will that take to learn? A little nervous. Best of luck!

Kelli: Batch editing in LR, PS for other smaller things.

Stephanie: You can still get rid of some blemishes and stuff in LR, just let them know that you can take care of it. :)

Dominique: That's just a phrase people use because they think it's that simple. But if something is a distraction in the image, it's always better to take care of it in front of the camera then in post.

Eric: Same here,100% lightroom.

Brandon:  People call EVERYTHING Photoshop, just because it's what they heard does "that kind of stuff" so it's easier to just say "Don't worry about it"

Bridget: I use both, but only use Photoshop for things like compositing or making major changes. There's nothing wrong with only using LR, but you might want to make it clear in your marketing exactly what the extent of touch up you will do on a photo. A lot of people don't want so many alterations done that it actually changes the way a person looks, just make sure the clients you attract are the ones who share your philosophy!

Krystle: i use lightroom for editing also only use photoshop to create poster for advertising and logos that i bring up in lightroom as a watermark ect

Jodie: All Lightroom here. Would LOVE to learn Photoshop tho. I do feel very limited in what I can do with LR. That being said, LR is an EXCELLENT tool for creating beautiful photos.

Carlos: Don't worry. I use Aperture from Apple and the question is the same.

Andrea: LR for over half a year now and just starting to TRY & learn photoshop cs6
But no one has ever complained out my LR edits :)

Dawn: i found a website that let's you download alot of editing programs with no virus i like it alot more i have photoshop and lightroom and like this free editing programs more and my clients love them more then when i use photoshop or lightroom .... if you would like the website for them place msg me at

Chrystal: I only use Lightroom love it I had photo shop didn't understand it so I cancelled it

Adrienne: Only LR. For now.

Becky: only LR

Jenn: I use gimp and let my clients know I do classic photography. That I don't do a lot of post editing. I haven't had anyone walk away because I don't use photoshop

Nicole: Only LR I get a little ADD with PS but I do use it to crop things out...

Rachel: I'm a LR only kind of gal ;) My fiance uses both.

Lindsay: I have never experiemented with LR. Can someone explain batch editing to me. I've heard much about it, but never worked with it.

Jessica:  i really dont care for phogoshop. i also use only LR, ppl always say that to me i dont use becuz i want to push myself to get the photo right without editing. i usually give photos with lil to no edit. i dont want to be behing the computer tons of hours

Gannon:  I strictly use Adobe camera Raw combined with Bridge.

Holly: Don't tell them you don't use photoshop! Smile and nod! :)

Christina: I use Lightroom pretty much the only time but if I need to correct something major I will edit it in photoshop.

Nicole: Thank you everyone!!! Glad to know I am not the only one :) I just like getting it right in camera so I am not sitting doing post forever...having 4 kids, I kind of want to spend time with them :) but it seems with photographers over here, all I hear is "you don't use Photoshop?" lol You all rock! Thanks BP4U!!!! :)

Erin: I use strictly LR 95% of the time. I started out using LR and it has really helped me to make sure I am getting it right with the camera  and not in post processing. But.. I don't do composites so that helps! ;)

Belinda: I use LR 99% of the time. Only ever use PS for the major things i can't fix properly in LR

Anna: Until now, I have only used iPhoto... but today is a happy day, Lightroom arrived in the post, and it will be all I use, once I've worked out how to use it!

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