Which guides would you recommend for CS6?

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QOTD from Jenn & Andrea: "I do have a question. I just got CS6 and I don't know where to begin.... Any guides you recommend? Any tutorials or photographers who break it down cause its a complicated thing for me"

Valerie: Scott Kelby's book...

Melanie:  Kelby's book

Brian: I think with any program that is as massive and powerful like Adobe CS6, you need to step back and don't look at everything it can do, but define simple tasks that you want to accomplish and then work on that. Such as color correction or spot removal. Each little tasks can be googled and there are many tutorials on each of the topics. Once you get proficient in each thing, then you can approach an image and apply each technique one by one to get your final results. Just remember, that if you look at something so massive, its easy to get overwhelmed, but smaller chunks are easily managable.

Golden Photography:  Catching editing classes on creativelive.com is always great. Heck, catching any class on there is great.

Andrea: Excellent. Thanks everyone. Def going to search all those options!
Brian I have to say my One issue is I love learning fast and since it's such a massive program I have to breathe and step back a bit....

Kendra: Amanda at Everyday Elements is great to learn basic editing and clean edits

Jennifer: Coffee Shop Blog is amazing :)

Jfs Photography:  Lynda is also a very good resource and so is adorama TV

Mary:  Seconding Scott Kelby's book

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