How can I save a picture file that has been Photoshop edited as a JPEG?

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QOTD from Amy: "How can I save a picture file that has been photoshop edited as a jpeg instead of Photoshop jpeg? Mpix won't recognize files that aren't jpegs and I have an entire library saved that way and I need it changed. Is this possible AFTER THE FACT?"

Jfs Photoguy: yea, re open the image in photoshop and then click SAVE AS...jpeg and add a (underscore) _ 1 in the title so that when it saves it saves the second Jpeg with the #1 in it so you dont get confused

Melanie: Just open the image and click 'Save as' in the 'File' menu. Click the drop-down menu and select JPG. then click save. If it says it has to be saved as a copy, you might be in 16bit mode or have layers in there. You need to make sure the image is 'flattened' and that you're in 8Bit mode.

Jfs Photoguy: and if what you are referring to as "Photoshop Jpeg" there is no such thing, I think you are getting confused with PSD files..and in that case there wont be any photo-lab that will recognize that type of file as it is a proprietary file of adobe...

Wilman:  @wilmanmiguel

Sasha: what are you shooting in? RAW? Jpeg? Your question would be better answered if we knew what you were editing as. If its raw then you have to save as a jpeg after editing or it will auto save as a PSD (photoshop document). The ONLY way to view a psd is in photoshop. If your editing in jpeg already, it should save as a jpeg unless you have multiple layers open. Then you have to merge them (highlight them all and press control + E, or you can flatten the image). Either way, when saving, always check the format. You can save in about any format. Make sure your picking regular jpeg too and not the old version (Jpeg 2000)

Kerry: Also if you are shooting in RAW, once you 'save as' in JPEG your original RAW files are kept in tact. This is great should you wish to do different edits/crops down the line.

Jfs Photoguy: sasha, you can view a PSD file within lightroom (if you have it) and you can also view it within a program called Ifran View

Jfs Photoguy: Jpeg 2000 isnt the old version, its actually the new version, but most software and labe only will recognize the standard Jpg format

Amy: So... Does it resave then and replace the .psd version I accidentally saved it as, or do I need to just maybe separate the newly saved jpegs in a different folder?

Jfs Photoguy: Amy Roth...check your inbox and the others inbox...sent you a msg

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