How does the facebook pages App work?

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QOTD from Emma: "Q for anyone who uses the Facebook Pages App:

I've noticed with one of the recent updates there's now some extra information showed under posts and pictures that only shows up on my phone. It lists the number of people that post reached on the left and "View Insights >" on the right. When View insights is pushed a break down of the reach is shown, followed by the number of people engaged and finally the number of people talking about the post. In the people engaged tab, the bottom line lists how many people gave negative feedback (if any). What does this mean? In what way are people showing/clicking that creates this tally? Are they hiding the post? What worries me about this is now that Facebook is now "promoting" posts for a fee. Do these numbers factor into how many people are seeing posts?

Any insight would be appreciated, thank you!"

Tia: Love this Question! Commenting simply to follow :

Libby: I saw that too but each photo has 1 negative feedback so I think it's a bug..

Jamie: Negative feedback means someone hid you or unliked you, I think.

Stephanie: Good question, can't wait to hear what others have to say because I would like to know as well!

Lanie: Same here

Emma: @jamie, that's what i thought as well. wish there was a way to track who/why the post is being hidden...if that's what's happening. and if it has a negative effect on how my posts are distributed by Facebook.

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Amanda O'Brien
Amanda O'Brien

September 24, 2012

Yes, negative feedback means someone hid your update or said they didn’t want to see updates like that anymore. If you are really interested, you can export the data and see what specifically it is people didn’t like. There is a breakdown of how to do that in the comments section of the Social Media Breakfast Maine blog above.

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