What is your opinion on the Rebel T4i?

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Question from JL Photography: "I am just wondering if someone can share with me their opinion on the Canon Rebel T4i. I am looking at upgrading to one from my canon rebel xs, however I want to make sure it will be a smart purchase. I really want the 60D or the 70D however I am unable to afford it at the moment. Please can someone please shead some light on this for me :)"

Reva: if you want the 60D or 7D, save your money/buy used.

Scott:  I suggest buying the T3i.

Christine:  Check your local Kijji or craigslist.
Most people buy expensive gear to try it out and then they realize it's not for them. Just be sure to meet them in a public place. :)

Jfs Photoguy: save your money and get the 7D...the t4i was recalled...over 70 thousand of them

Monica: save your $ and get what you want...buy used

Amy :  I would save your money ans wait for the better upgrade!!

Jfs Photoguy: and if your serious of your photography, the 7D is alot better camera then the lower end T series...

Rashida:  I have the Canon T3i Rebel and I love it! I would highly recommend it or T4i. This is my photography page if you want to see the photos I take with it. :-)www.facebook.com/RashidaLaelPhotography

Marci:  If it were me, I wouldn't waste the money in another Rebel and save more for what you really want

Robert: I agree....save up and get the 7D. I have had mine for over two years. Problem free. I also have the 5D Mark II, but prefer the 7D, which I use 85% of the time.

Kristin: Buy a used 7d. Even if it takes an extra month or two to save for it, you'll be glad you upgraded out of the rebel series.

Dani:  Love my 60D. Save for the better model. :D

Brian: I'm surprised no one suggested to buy better glass.. :)

Jenn:  I use a 7D as my primary and a 50D as my backup... even between those two bodies there is a major difference. The Rebel series I have always hated when it comes to high ISO - way too much noise - but the color quality is pretty good. I have two friends that shoot on I think the T3i. I agree with most on here though... if the other body is what you want then save up. I spent a year putting every penny I earned from photography in a savings account until I could afford the body and lenses I wanted. Worth the wait.

Spiffy Pix Photography:  I'm with Brian! Buy better glass. You'll notice a much bigger difference in your photos.

Jfs Photoguy:  Glass is only a FRACTION of the equation...you could have the BEST lens there are, but if the camera is a poor performer, that glass isn't going to mean a world of anything...kind of like putting low profile tires and spokes on a yugo!!

Spiffy Pix Photography: Wow, I really disagree with JFS photoguy.

For me, it's the opposite. It's MUCH more important to have quality lenses. You could have a 5D III body and shoot with a crappy third-party f/4 lens or you could have a decent pro-sumer body like a Rebel T3i with a Canon 85mm f/1.2. Guess who's photo will look better? If you guessed the cheap body with the monster lens, you'd be right.

Justin:  If you want a 60/70d you should save your money. Biggest mistake I made was squandering money on slightly better cameras. The difference between a low end prosumercamera  and a high end prosumer camera is not drastic. BUT the difference between a prosumer camera and a professional camera is worth the money difference. Always remember, its not the gear that makes the photographer. A slight upgrade vs a large upgrade, just wait and go for the large upgrade. Save your money and by the time you have the money for the 60D something even better will come out with the same price.

Bridget: If you are still using the kit lens i would definitely spend money on better glass instead of a new body

Bridget: 60d/7d isn't going to make much difference if you only shoot outdoors, natural light. It will make a difference if you are shooting weddings or something where you are dealing with lowlight conditions. Good glass is more imp than a good body

JL Photography & Design: Thank you all for your answers and opinions :) I really appreciate it.

Karen: I'll never used kit lens that came with my T3i again. Put a nifty fifty on ANY compatible camera and you will have beautiful pictures. It's all in the glass and how you use it.

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