What are the most important shots to take at weddings?

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QOTD from Daisy: "What are the most important photo shots as a photography must take at a wedding? I am doing my first wedding session in Oct!"

Heather: Daisy!! Let your clients decide.


Kelsey:  I think it depends on the couple. I always ask what are the must have shots they want and they always give me a list. Normally I get: bride and groom formals, wedding party formals, family formals and the firsts (kiss, dance etc) those are always the top 3-5.

Luke: Sit down with your client and work out a plan, a few cups of tea/coffee gets people talking and ideas flowing :)!!

Tia: This is GREAT! Thanks Daisy & Heather!

Amie:  I send this same checklist to all my wedding clients. I was a bride a year ago and did not get to pick the photo`s I wanted and I was not please with them(they were free from a fellow photographer)

Ashley: I personally think the MUST HAVE shot is the Kiss. that is the exact moment that they are actually married so snap snap away : ), but yes, always discuss what is important to your clients. Ultimately it doesn't matter what you think. I might want the kiss, she might want the grooms expression, and he might want hers when they first see each other. Cant be in 2 places at once so talk about it, and make a game plan! Best of luck!!

E Shay: Create your own list that you go by (Google it). Ask the clients for some shot ideas, but be sure to tell them that those aren't guarantees and that you will do everything you can to get them. But truth is, the day of, you're NOT going to be looking at checklists because you will be TOO BUSY. You don't want to promise something to your client and then get caught up shooting the bride and groom during the only moment that old Aunt Beatrice decides to come out of her hiding place, so you might miss the shot of Aunt Bea to get some fabulous ones of the bride/groom. Don't commit to any shots, but tell them you will TRY.

Dawn: I would say the list weeks before the wedding and i would ask someone to help out with those moments you don't look for then you get to shots when you will be focused on a bride and groom good luck and congrats on your first wedding’

Daisy: Thanks SOOO much for the response everyone! Very helpful :)

Kristen:  there is a list on google or yahoo or a search engine and it has a list if the 50 must have pictures at your wedding its a list gir brides to use but i think it would hel


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