How do those of you that do not have a formal studio organize and store your props?

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QOTD from Kara: "How do those of you that do not have a formal studio organize and store your props? Have you found a system that works for you?"

Crystal:  LOL...I HAVE a formal studio and STILL haven't figured this one out!

Christina:  :) I ziplock each of my hats and put a label on the bag, and stick them in a prop suitcase i take everywhere. other then that no organization at all!

Melissa: I purchased a 4 box shelving unit (but more would be nice :) ) and I have separated my props by season along with newborn items. looks professional and neat... now just to decide what to do with the big stuff :D

Rita: I use luggage on wheels and keep fragile items in plastic containers. I keep items that are only used for certain photo shoots in separate luggage bags and only take the suitcase I need. All my stuff is stored in a closet.

Sherrie: I have a large tote and multiple props in a corner in my house.

Selena: I have a whole closet dedicated as well. I have two suitcases (as props themselves,) with one holding all my blankets/fabrics and holding little things like flowers, seashells, bubbles, petals, etc. I then have my large flowers + baby boxes, baskets, etc on the top shelf with my three different benches at the base of my closet. All costumes, loose items and small props are in labeled bags on top of my benches in a hanging basket or the suitcase. I also take photos of all my props so client can look through them and choose their own for sessions. :)

Suz: I'm curious to hear this as well! Mine is not organized!

Suz:  Love the suitcase ideas most of mine are in totes or boxes ... I'd like to have drawers for headbands ties etc for newborn etc

Renae: The Ikea expedit bookshelf works a treat


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