Which would you recommend: EOS 70D or EOS 60D?

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QOTD from Selena: "Hey there BP4U Photography Tips & Guides, I'm a new-ish photographer (recently opened my business April 2012,) and am looking to upgrade out of the Canon Rebel series to either an EOS 70D or an EOS 60D. I'm just wondering what other photographers here think. Does any one own either of these cameras? Which one would you guys and gals recommend and why? I shoot typically shoot families and am always searching for new landscape shoots as well. :)"

Christina:  Invest in a 5D mkll! Love mine c

Anna: I am following this, wanting to upgrade from my rebel as well....

Corinne: following this as well

Amber: save for a 5d mkII. I had a rebel and there is no comparison.

Georgina: Why change I use a rebel and I love it I also have good lenses and filters you can do loads with it

Brandon: Considering both the 70 and 60 are both huge upgrades to the Rebel series, I'd say that if you wait for the 70D to come out, the 60D price will drop. And since you don't shoot sports, you don't really need the faster continuous drive on the 70D (5.3 vs 5 fps)... oh and I think the 70D has autofocus while shooting video, but personally, I don't use my dSLR for video much.

Valerie:  Isn't the 60 still considered a part of the Rebel series? I would go for a 7D or 5DMII.

Chrissey: I've been trying to decide between the 7D and the 5D Mark ii. I've been told that the 7D has a huge noise problem. I did a little looking on line and there are a lot of complaints about the noise. BUT...I've also talked to several photographers that use the 7D and love it. I think I'm going to take the leap and buy the 7D.

Crystal:  I think a good midway would be the 7d. You can probably find a good deal on it, and it's sensor is superior to the 60d.

Lissa:  I had a rebel as my starter camera. I invested in better lenses first and noticed a HUGE difference in my photos on the rebel. Eventually I upgraded my camera body but I"m glad I invested in the lenses first

Shelbi:  And remember if you get the MarkII you'll have to get new lenses.

Kelly: I'd consider a lense upgrade to your rebel.

Elaine:  I LOVE my 7D . . . just saying. :-) I use a Canon Rebel as my back up.

Katharine: I also have a Canon Rebel and a 50mm f/1.8 lens...looking for affordable upgrade ideas as well! Either 60D and/or an 85 mm lens are on my radar...

Jaimie: I love love my 7D!!! I would not invest in a 60D as I don't think it is much of an upgrade. But that's just my opinion :)

Amy: I have a Rebel as well, with a 50mm 1.4, and a 100mm 2.8 and currently saving money from my shoots for a Mark II. Will my lenses fit?

Jennifer:  I use a 60D and I LOVE it!

Selena: Hey everyone, thanks for all your thoughts and suggestions so far! I've done some more thinking and I'm leaning towards getting a 60D body with a EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM. Lens investment is the best choice anyone can make and if I was to get the 7D right now, I wouldn't be able to afford an L series lens; which is something I'm dying to have!

Selena: @Amy Ruth: Check canon.ca/estore for the Mark II body. From there if you look through all its info, you'll find a spot where Canon lists the lens types that work with the Mark II

Amy: Thanks sooo much Selena! :)

Sara: The upgrade to full frame will change your photography life! Go big or go home :) 5Dmark ll

Selena: I've decided to get the 5D Mark II with the same EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens! Thanks for all your help and suggestions everyone! :D

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