75 Hard To Write Emails For Photographers

All emails are Word document template files that you can completely customize for your company! Don't have Word? We've included the PDF version as well!

These emails are super and easy to use. Copy and paste them from the document to your email. That's it! 

Oh, and if you have purchased our Photographers Emails Made Easy product, these emails are completely different and new topics! 

Think back to the last time you dreaded sending out an email to a potential or current client, either because you weren’t sure how to word the email or because the subject matter was highly sensitive. Was it last week? Yesterday? This morning? Now imagine having that email written for you, and that all you had to do was fill in the blanks and press send. Here’s the thing: you don’t have to imagine it, because we’ve already written those emails for you.

From awkward client requests to networking emails with local establishments to a formal cease and desist letter, we’ve got you covered from A to Z. Some of the emails required legal research, some required extremely careful language finessing, and all of them utilize marketing strategies that will benefit your business and build strong client-photographer relationships. Each also comes with instructions, along with expert insight to help keep you sane in those especially frustrating situations all photographers go through.

Fun fact: these emails took our professional writer 30 hours to write, which means you’re saving yourself at least that much time (over and over again) with one purchase. Simply copy and paste the email you need, fill in the blanks, and press send! You’re welcome, photog.

Here's a sample email of what you would write to a client wanting a refund. This email is included in this package as well!

Client Wants a Refund (studio granting request):

Subject: (insert session type) concerns:

Hi (insert client name)!

We are very sorry that you are not pleased with your photos. Our studio understands and is aware of (list reasons why the re-shoot is necessary) and we want to do our best to make everything right. We would be willing to offer a re-shoot at no additional cost or a refund in the amount of (insert refund amount) sent via (payment method) by (insert date payment would be sent).

If you have any more questions or concerns, please feel free to let me know.

Warm regards,



Client Wants a Refund (studio NOT granting request):

Subject: (insert session type) concerns:

Hi (insert client name)!

We are very sorry that you are not pleased with your photos. Our studio understands and is aware of (list reasons why the re-shoot was needed by the client) and we understand your concerns for the photos taken on (insert session date). It is our standard operating procedure due to (situations beyond our control, weather recommendations, etc.) to not offer a refund based on our policies and procedures listed within our contract at the time of booking.

(Copy/paste the section of your contract where it lists your policies and procedures for situations out of your control, weather recommendations etc.)

Per our contracted package, we have provided (insert contents of package), to our standards within our contracted timeframe. As of now, our contract has been fulfilled. All of the terms have been completed by both parties. I have attached a copy of the signed contract for your records.

If you have any more questions or concerns, please feel free to let me know.

Warm regards,



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  • Email Topics Include:

    • Friend Wants Free/Discounted Products After Session:
    • When a Friend Wants a Free Session:
    • When Your Friend Wants a Discount (mild version):
    • When Your Friend Wants a Discount (sale push):
    • Friend Wants Discounted Session (no available discounts):
    • Client Takes Too Long to Sign Contract:
    • Client Wants Same Day / Early Previews and Photos:
    • Client Wasn’t Aware of Digital Image Charge After Session:
    • Client Requests Raw or Unedited Images:
    • Client Requests More Images After You Send Edited Photos:
    • Client Makes Demands That Conflict With Original Contract:
    • In Response to a Client Who Relentlessly Hassles You About Images:
    • Client Requests Specific Photo, But Image Didn’t Turn Out
    • Potential Client Says “You’re Too Expensive!” (no discount):
    • Potential Client Says “You’re Too Expensive!” (you will discount):
    • Follow Up Email to prior email (accepting their offer):
    • Client Illegally Posts Photo on Social Media By Cropping/Filtering:
    • Company Uses Your Photos to Promote Their Business Without Permission:
    • Cease and Desist Email to Photographer Illegally Using Your Images:
    • Client Illegally Screenshots Image and Posts to Social Media:
    • Client Requests Watermark Removal on Printed Products (not willing to do so):
    • Client Leaves No Room for Your Artistic Vision:
    • Potential Client Requests Pricing Via Email, But You Prefer the Phone:
    • Response to Client Who Isn’t the Right Fit:
    • Potential Client Asks Lots of Questions Without Booking:
    • Client asks, “Why Do You Charge So Much?”
    • Advising Client to Wear Something Different:
    • Client Dislikes Photos Because of How They Look, But They’re In Line With Your Portfolio:
    • Client Changes Mind About Allowing You To Post Their Images:
    • Informing Client That You’re Due On/Around The Event:
    • Informing Client You Missed Their First Kiss Because of Guest:
    • Networking Email to Photographer in a Different Niche:
    • Networking Email to Local Boutique:
    • Networking Email to Local Doctor’s Office:
    • Networking Email to Local Schools/Daycares Providing Portrait Services:
    • Networking Email to Realtors Offering Various Services:
    • Networking With Local Businesses With Client Welcome Packets:
    • Networking With Local Vendors About Props:
    • Networking With Bloggers to See If They’ll Feature a Session:
    • Networking Email to Local Photographer Offering Second Shooter Services:
    • Requesting a Trade of Services With Another Company:
    • Second Shooter Wants to Submit Images to Magazine/Blog:
    • Client Wants Images Sent Digitally Years After Their Session:
    • Client Unhappy With Prints or Products Even Though They Meet Your Quality Standards
    • Client Requests More Images for Free:
    • Client Wants to Use Expired Product Credit:
    • Client Requests Reshoot Because They Are Unhappy With How They Look:
    • Client Refused to Reschedule, Arrived Late, and is Unhappy With Images:
    • Client Asks Why Digital Files Are So Expensive:
    • Client Requests Extensive Editing After Receiving Edited Photos:
    • Client Cancels Session and Requests Non-Refundable Retainer:
    • Client Cancels Event/Wedding Within Time Allotted:
    • Client Cancels Event/Wedding And Owes Balance:
    • Client’s Family Member Requests Copy of Digital Images They Didn’t Pay For:
    • Client Booked a Newborn / Maternity Session and Had a Miscarriage:
    • Client Booked Maternity Session and Had Child Early, But You Don’t Do Newborn Sessions:
    • Client Filled Out Contract But Hasn’t Sent Payment Despite Reminders:
    • Client Requests Cheaper Price Based Off Rumor You Charged Their Friend Less:
    • Client Requests Refund Because They Didn’t Schedule/Reschedule in a Timely Manner:
    • Client Requests Refund Because They Went With A Different Photographer:
    • Boudoir Client Makes Requests That Go Beyond Your Comfort Level:
    • You Must Reschedule Because of an Emergency:
    • You Lost Images Due to Hard Drive/Card Malfunction:
    • Client Asks You To Edit Images in a Way That’s Not in Line With Your Style:
    • Client Suggests Shoot Location That’s Dangerous/Inappropriate:
    • Client Suggests Images in Middle of Day Instead of Best Time of Day for Lighting:
    • Client Requests Reshoot Because Baby/Child Didn’t Cooperate:
    • Client Wants to Add Additional Family Members/Subjects to Session:
    • Reminding Wedding Client That You Need to be Fed on Wedding Day:
    • Client Hasn’t Paid and It’s the Day Of/Day Before The Session:
    • Client Hasn’t Paid In Time So You’re Canceling The Session:
    • Client Goes Back on Print/Product Order After Signing Contract:
    • Client Continues to Pester You for More After You’ve Satisfied the Contract Agreement:
    • Requesting That Your Client Provide Feedback:
    • Client Requests Poses You Don’t Do, But They’ve Already Booked and Paid:
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