How to Make Money with Clients You Already Have

Are you having trouble booking new clients? Are your past clients not coming back? Do you feel like you're stuck in a rut?

If you're wondering what are you doing wrong and how you can fix it, we are here to help! This eBook helps you to go back and focus on the clients you already have and pull them back in with fresh, unique ideas. 

This eBook teaches you how to gain loyal clients, make them feel special, exceed their expectations and stay on their radars. It also gives you ideas on making money around the holidays. We have some great marketing strategies that we've put together to help you stand out from your competition. It's time to roll up those sleeves and get to work! 

This eBook was written to open your mind and inspire you to make the most of the clients you have, to keep them coming back and buying more. 

Disclaimer: If you are against running sales or offering prints, do not buy this eBook. We give several examples of how to utilize these to upsell to clients.

  • A 64 page marketing guide for photographers

    Topics Covered:

    • How to gain client loyalty
    • Making your clients feel special
    • Exceeding Expectations
    • Staying on your client's radar
    • How to make extra money around the holidays
    • How to really tap into the clients you already have.

    Having a hard time finding new clients? Let's work on your client sales for the ones you already have!

    *BONUS! We've included sample emails, social media statuses and blog posts for you to just copy and paste to your clients to make your life easier. Also includes Excel form for easy client organization. (This is a MUST HAVE!)

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    "This is, by far, the best investment that I've ever made for my company! I spent years struggling to get new clients and never thought to go back and make money on the clients I already photographed. I had a lot of "Duh! Why didn't I think of that?" moments when reading this book. I also gained some fresh marketing perspective. I've started implementing some new strategies and you know's working! I can't rave about this book enough. It's definitely worth every penny!" - Rosie

    "As a busy photographer, this e-book has been a heaven-sent. It offers guidance of what, when, and how to market to my clients with sample text included. I seriously love it so much that I've requested a planner in addition to this e-book! It's a must for both the beginner and seasoned photographer." - Jamie

    "I really enjoyed this guide! It was a good refresher, especially coming up to the fall when bookings tend to wain a bit. I liked the out of the box brainstorming and the templates for emails and blog posts. There are so many easy ways to keep reaching clients and it can be easy to forget some of them. But this helps offer new ways (or even spice up old ways) of reaching people." - Bailey

    "This is full of useful info and the templates are gold because I love those who make my life easier. :) You can find very good info to put in practice even you are not on a big budget and some you can even do them from the comfort of your home." Alina

    "....Valuable, the social media bible. Jammed with pages of information and useful email template bonuses. Fantastic ideas to jump your business into the social network. There is so much information and tips to help kick my business out into the world. Would recommend to everyone! Even to those who think they already know the go around; this ebook will remind you the important stuff that you have forgotten about." -Jackie

    "I love this product! I have attended a few marketing webinars that ended up being a pushy somewhat arrogant way of gaining clients or rather their money. This is not that at all. This Marketing guide is exactly what I was looking for. It is very clean and well written. It reads as though you asked an old friend some advice and you are discussing it over a coffee. Which, it would be great to curl up with while reading.
    I love how this guide talks about quality clients vs quantity clients and how it is important to focus on the clients you do have rather then the ones that you do not. Benefits of this and ideas on how to keep clients coming back for more, are highlighted with multiple examples. It shows you how to interact with clients without being pushy or intrusive. No one like the guy at the car dealership hovering over you or the guy pushing for you to buy something you don't want or need. This guide gives example after example of how to talk and interact with clients like your an old friend or a neighbor saying HI. Simple and comfortable. The marketing ebook is jam packed with ideas. They cover it all. Need a suggestion for a mini session and when to hold one - its there. Need an email to follow up with a client - its there. Emails, blog posts, even Facebook status updates, yup, all there. You can use them all or mix and match to see what works best for you. The wording is already put there for you. You just have to use it. I cannot wait to begin implementing these ideas into my business.

    I am in the process of rebuilding my business after a move and the birth of two babies. This is just what I needed. The ideas are fresh, simple, and so easy to implement. I would most definitely recommend this. Not only to someone starting out but also to someone whose been around for a while but needs some fresh new ideas or to just change up what they are currently doing. Especially if they find their marketing tactics have gone a tad stale.

    The spreadsheet that comes with it is beautiful. Simple clean design that is easy to use, even on a quick glance. The information is all laid out for you. No need to rummage through anything. " - Audra

    "A lot of handy tips. Such as how to get back to your old clients. I always wanted to see if my previous clients would like to book another shoot or buy a print for birthday etc, but never knew how to approach that without making it look like I am begging for them to buy the service. Also the topic about how to make extra money on holiday I think it's amazing, definitely will try that." -Justyna
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    All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

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