Amy Cook Photography Newborn Videos and E-Workbook

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The Amy Cook Photography Newborn E-guide has been crafted to be all inclusive. It is not only written out like a book that you can pick up and read during a hot bath or snuggled up by the fire, but it is a reference manual. You can jump to specific sections and utilize the information you need, or you can read it start to finish and absorb that way. You can refer back to a section during a session break or before your model arrives to refresh your memory on something in particular.

Watch a sample pose below:



  • The guide is 154 pages and covers 18 poses with tons of images (not just of the final poses, but step by step behind the scenes goodness!) and 28 videos. It is in downloadable PDF format.
    Please note that videos are FLASH and will not play on certain mobile devices.
    1. First Contact: The Booking Process
    2. Baby Has Arrived - Now What?
    3. Tips for Breastfeeding Moms - What to Avoid
    4. Studio Preparation
    5. Amy's Complete List of Studio Must-Haves
    6. Lighting
    7. Anatomy and Safety
    8. Cues and Soothing
    9. Props
    10. Amy's Favorite Prop Vendors, Stores & More!
    11. The Poses
    12. Side Laying
    13. Tushie Up
    14. Front Facing - Folded Arms
    15. Front Facing - Hand on Face
    16. Front Facing - Stacked Hands
    17. Froggy/Chin in Hands
    18. Taco
    19. Womb Wrap V1
    20. Womb Wrap V2
    21. Flat on Back - "Just Chillin"
    22. Potato Sack
    23. Bucket/Basket Posing
    24. Basket Posing From Above
    25. Crate Posing - Wrapped Up
    26. Sibling Posing
    27. Posing with Mom
    28. Posing with Dad
    29. In Mom/Dad's Hands
    30. Swaddling
    31. Shooting Tips
    32. Photoshop Videos
    BONUS! Also includes a mini-guide on Amy's studio lighting set up!
  • "You my friend, are a freaking rockstar FOR REAL THIS TIME! I just read through the ebook and feel 100% refreshed and ready to rock out some newbie sessions! I wouldn't trade anything of the wonderful time I had at the Dallas workshop and the things I learned, but this is like the icing on the cake. So much heart an soul has gone into this and you deserve a huge pat on the back! Thank you again for all the knowledge you have shared and continue to share!" - Natalie Chilton

    "Amy, I wanted to let you know that I purchased and downloaded the guide and read the ENTIRE THING and it's awesome. I have purchased many different workbooks and attended many different mentoring sessions and your workbook ROCKS. Thanks again!"- Marcy Bergman

    "Thank you thank you thank you! Your guide in an amazing tool! I can't believe how much info you give! I cannot thank you enough! I need to work on refining my posing and this was just what I needed! xoxo"- Lisa Boyle

    "I could NOT force myself to go to bed- I've been reading and re-reading since I opened it! I can't thank you enough for what you've provided. I have been struggling with the decision to launch my own business and your beautiful work of art conveys so much wisdom that I feel empowered to chase my dreams. Thank you, thank you, thank you." - Erin McNamara

    "I just wanted to take a quick second and THANK YOU for putting this together! I had 2 newborns scheduled right before I received my E-Guide and another 2 right after. The difference between them is incredible! I feel so much more confident now and I feel like my shots are getting stronger and stronger. This was a great blessing for me in my work. Thanks bunches!"- Julia Bailey

    "This guide should be called "The Newborn Photographer's Bible"."- Christina Beaman

    “Before the Amy Cook Newborn E-Workshop I used to DREAD when people booked newborn shoots with me… I hated them. I could never figure out how to pose the babies so they looked natural, I couldn’t ever grasp how to swaddle, my newborn shoots were borderline disastrous. I had a newborn session yesterday and was so comfortable, I was willing to try more things, and I was confident! I have so many favorites from her session, when normally I dread even editing them. I am so very grateful for this e-workshop, it helped so much!!!” -Britni

  • This product will be digitally delivered to you after purchase.

    Software Requirements:

    • Adobe Reader or Acrobat Pro
    • Adobe Flash, installed and fully up to date
    You can email to request access to Amy's private FB group! There is also an included FAQ document covering all common issues and how to fix/address them!

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