Mastering the Art of Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Take this course on your own time and reference it as often as you would like!

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Do you want to offer lifestyle newborn sessions, but don't know where to start?

Not sure what to bring or how to work in your clients' homes?

Want to incorporate posing into your lifestyle sessions? 

Keep reading, because this is just what you need! This 128-page e-course covers all this and more!

This e-course is a collaboration between Heather Mohr Photography and BP4U Photographer Resources.

In this class, we will walk you through everything you need to know about setting up a lifestyle newborn business and how to shoot the sessions! Also includes Heather's favorite vendors for props, Flokati rugs, cheesecloth wraps, stretchy wraps, headbands, and blankets! 

But that's not all! It even covers editing your photos after the session! Create beautiful images for your newborn clients with the valuable information included here. See the "What's Included" tab below for more details on what this course covers. 


  • 97 Posepiration Cards
  • Pre-Session Instruction Pre-written Email
  • Your Booking Proposal Pre-written Email
  • Your Newborn Photography Pre-written Email
  • 72 Minute Video of Editing Lifestyle Newborn Session! 


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  • This 128-page e-course walks you through everything you need to know about doing lifestyle newborn photography.
    Preparing to Shoot a Lifestyle Newborn Session:
    • Scheduling Newborn Sessions
    • Preparing Your Clients for the Session
    • What to Bring
    • Props
    • Session Workflow
    • Lighting and Composition
    • Working in Clients' Homes
    • Go-to Poses
    • Posing in Lifestyle
    • Working with Siblings
    • Working with Awake or Fussy Babies
    • Posing Baby in Crib
    • The Taco Pose
    • Tushie Up Pose
    • Wrapping
    • Baby in Bowl
    • Mom with Baby
    • Dad with Baby
    • Natural Curled Pose
    • Includes a video so you can watch Heather edit 10 newborn photos from the SOOC to finalized image!
    • Then & Now
    • Marketing
    • Finding Your Niche
    • Social Media
    • Networking
    • Pricing
    • Contract
    • Client Communication
    Plus, answers to these Frequently Asked Questions:
    • Do you use a reflector?
    • What is the hardest thing you’ve had to overcome with newborn sessions?
    • How many images do you normally take during a session, on average?
    • How many photos do you present to the client?
    • Do you edit all of the images you show the client?
    • How do you make each session unique?
    • What precautions do you take before going to a client’s house?
    • Being a mom yourself, how does that help you when photographing the moms in your newborn sessions?
    • Do you allow your couple to add extended family to their photos, like grandparents?
    • How do you advise your clients to dress for the sessions?
    • Do you allow outfit changes?
    • What do you wear to sessions?
    • What obstacles have you had to overcome when shooting in clients’ homes?
    • Does it ever make you nervous going to a client’s home?
    • What if you don’t feel creative in their home? How do you make it work for you?
    • What is the farthest that you will travel on a normal basis to photograph newborns at their home?
    • Do you ever travel out of state to do newborn sessions? If so, how does that work?
    • How many areas do you provide your newborn photography service to?
    • Do you ever have the clients come to your home for the session?
    • What do you look for when trying to come up with a creative frame?
    • What are your basic camera settings for a newborn session?
    • Do you photograph family pets?
    • What do you do to get the pets to cooperate?
    • What happens if the baby has an accident on your props or backdrops (or on you)?
    • Do you have separate pages for your personal information and one for business?
    • How often do you have the client feed the baby during a session?
    • Do you have your clients put the diaper back on while you’re changing your set up?
    • How do you deal with hovering or overbearing parents?
    • How do you stay organized?
    • Where do you advertise your sessions?
    • Do you have a referral program?
    • Did you ever have a time where you raised your prices and no one would book at the new price?
    • Has there ever been a time where you got to the client’s house and nobody was there?
    • Have you ever had trouble getting to client’s home?
    • Have you ever left anything at a client’s house?
    • What has been the best decision you’ve made for your business?
    • How did you come up with your branding?
    • Do you have specific business insurance?
    • What if the work is great, but the bookings aren’t coming in…what do you do?
    • What do you do in the slow season to maintain momentum in your business?
    • When it comes to prints and products, do you focus on selling additional a la carte items, or is it more your packages that you try to sell?
    • What are your best selling products for newborn photography?
    • How do you run model calls?
    • How much do you pay your assistant?
    • How much is your travel fee?
    • Do you have a welcome packet?
    • When it comes to prints and products, do you focus on selling additional a la carte items, or is it more your packages that you try to sell?
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    "Remembering back upon my newbie photographer days this would have been something I would have loved to have been able to have read and thought "Oh wow that's how you do that?" - Melissa

    "I thought it was informative, nice to see how others go about things." - Becky

    "The course is laid out very well, and cover all aspects of newborn photography, from poses to business. It is an in-depth look at newborn photography. What to expect, what your clients can expect, and lessons learned along the way. It was easy to follow, also very clean and simple. It was far more detailed than I expected it to be. It is also a good collection of information that people at varying levels can use. It would be great for beginning newborn photographers, as well as established ones that are looking to make changes to improve their business practices." - Stephanie

    "It's great! It's informative, detailed and flows together. Nicely done and well put together!" - Katie

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