OVER 120 MINUTES! Newborn Editing [Video Collection] by Jessica Vaughn


This collection includes over 120 minutes of manual editing! That's right - no actions or presets here! Learn how to do composites, extend/fix backdrops, correct skin tones, create beautiful black and white images, smooth skin, and more!

Jessica shows you her workflow - starting off in Lightroom for slight adjustments, then switching over to Photoshop to finish her editing process. She walks you through all of the steps you need to create a clean, gorgeous newborn image.

Scroll through the images to the left to see the edits she will show you how to do in these videos. 


Wondering how to edit a newborn? Don't want to rely on Actions or Presets? This is for you! These newborn editing tutorial videos go over how to manually edit a newborn image. You're going to love all the newborn editing tips and techniques you learn from these tutorials.


Click the video below to watch a sample edit from this collection:



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  • Includes over 120 minutes of videos for newborn editing!

    Topics Covered:
    • Composites
    • Skin Tone Adjustments
    • Skin Smoothing
    • Extending/Fixing Backdrops and Blankets
    • Changing Blanket and Wrap Colors
    • Parent Cosmetic Fixes (i.e. Slimming, Smoothing, Removing Blemishes)
    • Editing in Black and White
    PLUS! See real life editing critiques by Jessica of photos submitted by our very own BP4U audience! Jessica goes through and re-edits the images to show you how she would do it, and give tips on how to prevent common shooting mistakes to save you time in editing!
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    "These videos have been a Godsend for me! I have always struggled with getting a clean look with my newborn photos and I have never quite been able to master editing manually. I could never find actions or presets that would help me to create the natural look I was going for. After watching these videos, I am finally able to create beautifully edited images for my clients! I could not be happier with this purchase! :)" - Nikky

    "Wonderfully done! This product explains everything you need to know to edit newborn photos in a simple way." - Tonya

    "After watching these videos, I finally can do a composite image!! I can't tell you how excited I am to have mastered this skill! Thank you so much!" - Miranda

    "I love all of your products, but this one is my favorite!" - Brandi

    "I can't believe how much information is covered in these videos! I've learned so much! Thank you, Jessica and BP4U!" - Tina

    "These are great, I love them! Couldn't beat the price for a newbie photographer! Thank you very much!!" - Jessica

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