The Art of Capturing Everyday Life

Lifestyle photography is an art form in and of itself. And even if you’re a photographer who places a heavy emphasis on posed images, you’ll still find a need for candid, lifestyle imagery within your work. In fact, no matter what type of photography you specialize in – be it family, newborn or wedding – you probably already realize that this “capture the moment” imagery is in demand from clients everywhere.

This guide answers all the questions you need to know about lifestyle photography, and gives you answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. Not only does it teach you insider, expert tips on crafting stunning lifestyle images, but it’s loaded with nuggets of inspiration to promote your own, internal growth as a photographer. Just try to read this one without walking away feeling eager to click that shutter button.

Our Lifestyle Guide is a collaboration between BP4U and ultra-talented photographer Jordan Parks, and we recommend it for both beginner and intermediate photographers. See the pink What's Included tab below to see the topics covered in this guide.

Previously called: The Lifestyle Portrait Guide

  • This 126-page guide covers a lot of ground, not limited to:

    Topics Covered:

    • Choosing Equipment
    • Lifestyle inspiration towards creative imagery
    • Mastering Natural Light in Tricky Locations
    • Protocol and Tips for Shooting at a Client’s Home
    • Scouting Locations
    • Finding Inspiration to Become a Better Photographer
    • Tips for Fostering Those Special Moments
    • Capturing Raw Emotion
    • Post Processing Tips and Editing Transformations

    Plus, answers to these questions!

    • How did you learn photography?
    • How did you build your portfolio in the beginning?
    • How did you develop your style?
    • Do you ever reschedule if the weather is bad or do you move locations?
    • How long do your sessions last?
    • Do you allow outfit changes? If so, how many?
    • Do you use any advertisements?
    • Who do you use for your online gallery hosting site?
    • Who is your lab?
    • Who do you go through for your blog?
    • Do you blog every session?
    • Do you offer mini sessions?
    • Do you require a retainer to book the date?
    • How do you accept payment?
    • How do you know when to increase your prices and how much?
    • Do you let your clients choose which photos get edited?
    • Do you send out email promotions?
    • What happens if a client shows up late?
    • How did you come up with your branding?
    • How do you use social media for your business?
    • How much did you charge when you started out?
    • What do you charge for the same thing now?
    • How do you decide on your pricing?
    • Do you charge more for traveling to a client's house?
    • Do you offer any discounts?

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